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  • Spherical Self-Organizing Map Detects MYBL 1 As Candidate Gene for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
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  • Insight into Cancer Stem Cell Niche; Lessons from Cancer Stem Cell Models Generated In Vitro.
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    Biology in Stem Cell Niche,Part of the Series Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine,pp.211-226.

  • Eosinophil Cationic Protein Shows Survival Effect on H9c2 Cardiac Myoblast Cells with Enhanced Phosphorylation of ERK and Akt/GSK-3β under Oxidative Stress.
    Ishii H, Kamikawa S, Hirohata S, Mizutani A, Abe K, Seno M, Oohashi T, Ninomiya Y.

    Acta Med Okayama.2015;69(3):145-53.





  • Enhanced internalization of ErbB2 in SK-BR-3 cells with multivalent forms of an artificial ligand.
    A.Vaidyanath, T.Hashizume, T.Nagaoka, N.Takeyashu, H.Satoh, L.Chen, J.Wang, T.Kasai, T.Kudoh, A.Satoh, L.Fu, M.Seno.

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  • Exploring the mechanism for biological evolution: DNA methyltransferase is the pushing power of DNA and protein evolution.
    Tan H and Seno M.

    Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011, ISBN 978-3-8443-1725-1.

  • Clustering Genes, Tissues, Cells and Bioactive Chemicals by Sphere SOM. in: Self Organizing Maps- Applications and Novel Algorithm Design.
    Yuh Sugii, Takayuki Kudoh, Takayuki Otani, Masashi Ikeda, Heizo Tokutaka and Masaharu Seno.

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  • Construction of a high-efficiency multi-site-directed mutagenesis.
    H.Tan, Y.Li, L.Chen, T.Kasai, M.Seno.

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  • Extracellular matrix modulates insulin production during differentiation of AR42J cells: functional role of Pax6 transcription factor.
    Hamamoto K, Yamada S, Hara A, Kodera T, Seno M, Kojima I.

    J Cell Biochem. 2011 Jan; 112(1):318-29. doi: 10.1002/jcb.22930.





  • Growth factor induction of Cripto-1 shedding by glycosylphosphatidylinositol-phospholipase D and enhancement of endothelial cell migration.
    Watanabe K, Bianco C, Strizzi L, Hamada S, Mancino M, Bailly V, Mo W, Wen D, Miatkowski K, Gonzales M, Sanicola M, Seno M, Salomon DS.

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  • Development of bionanocapsules targeting brain tumors.
    Tsutsui Y, Tomizawa K, Nagita M, Michiue H, Nishiki T, Ohmori I, Seno M, Matsui H.

    J Control Release. 2007 Sep 26;122(2):159-164. Epub 2007 Jun 27.
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  • 第9章SOMを用いたガン細胞識別法(自己組織化 マップとその応用、徳高平蔵、大北正昭、藤村喜久郎編

    J Control Release. 2007 Sep 26;122(2):159-164. Epub 2007 Jun 27.
    PMID: 17692421

  • 'Crystal lattice engineering,' an approach to engineer protein crystal contacts by creating intermolecular symmetry: Crystallization and structure determination of a mutant human RNase 1 with a hydrophobic interface of leucines.
    Yamada H, Tamada T, Kosaka M, Miyata K, Fujiki S, Tano M, Moriya M, Yamanishi M, Honjo E, Tada H, Ino T, Yamaguchi H, Futami J, Seno M, Nomoto T, Hirata T, Yoshimura M, Kuroki R.

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  • Characterization of bio-nanocapsule as a transfer vector targeting human hepatocyte carcinoma by disulfide linkage modification.
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  • Characteristics of hollow microtubes consisting of amorphous iron oxide nanoparticles produced by iron oxidizing bacteria, Leptothrix ochracea.
    Hashimoto H, Yokoyama S, Asaoka H, Kusano Y, Ikeda Y, Seno M, TakadaJ, Fujii T, Nakanishi M and Murakami R.

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Volume 310, Issue 2, Part 3, March 2007, Pages 2405-2407

  • Conophylline and Betacellulin-delta4: an Effective Combination of Differentiation Factors for Pancreatic beta Cells.
    Kitamura RI, Ogata T, Tanaka Y, Motoyoshi K, Seno M, Takei I, Umezawa K, Kojima I.

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  • 「バイオナノキャリアの開発とがん遺伝子治療へ の応用」

    バイオテクノロジージャーナル, vol.7, no.1, pp. 41-47, 2007.1

  • Gene therapy of liver tumors with human liver-specific nanoparticles.
    Iwasaki Y, Ueda M, Yamada T, Kondo A, Seno M, Tanizawa K, Kuroda S, Sakamoto M, Kitajima M.

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  • Anti-tumor effect in an in vivo model by human-derived pancreatic RNase with basic fibroblast growth factor insertional fusion protein through antiangiogenic properties.
    Yagi H, Ueda M, Jinno H, Aiura K, Mikami S, Tada H, Seno M, Yamada H, Kitajima M.

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  • Secretory production system of bionanocapsules using a stably transfected insect cell line.
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  • 「中空バイオナノ粒子を用いたDDSの開発とそ の産業化」

    Drug Delivery System, vol.21, no.4, pp. 435-443, 2006.7

  • Denatured and Reversibly Cationized p53 Readily Enters Cells and Simultaneously Folds to the Functional Protein in the Cells.
    Murata H, Sakaguchi M, Futami J, Kitazoe M, Maeda T, Doura H, Kosaka M, Tada, H, Seno M, Huh NH, Yamada H.

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  • Hydrogen peroxide and endothelin-1 are novel activators of betacellulin ectodomain shedding.
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  • Mechanisms of the growth-inhibitory effect of the RNase-EGF fused protein against EGFR-overexpressing cells.
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  • Engineered bio-nanocapsules, the selective vector for drug delivery system.
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  • Differentiation of adult hepatic stem-like cells into pancreatic endocrine cells.
    Yamada S, Terada K, Ueno Y, Sugiyama T, Seno M, Kojima I.

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  • Betacellulin-delta4, a novel differentiation factor for pancreatic beta-cells, ameliorates glucose intolerance in streptozotocin-treated rats.
    Ogata T, Dunbar AJ, Yamamoto Y, Tanaka Y, Seno M, Kojima I.

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  • Identification of cell surface marker candidates on SV-T2 cells using DNA microarray on DLC-coated glass.
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  • The specific delivery of proteins to human liver cells by engineered bio-nanocapsules.
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  • Protein transduction assisted by polyethylenimine-cationized carrier proteins.
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  • Anti-angiogenic effect of an insertional fusion protein of human basic fibroblast growth factor and ribonuclease-1.
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  • 「革新的なナノキャリア:中空バイオナノ粒子によるピンポイントDDS」

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  • Intracellular delivery of proteins into mammalian living cells by polyethyleneimine-cationization.
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    高分子論文集、Japanese Jouranal of Polymer Science and Technology Vol.61, No.12, 606-612, 2004

  • Epithelial mesenchymal transition is a characteristic of hyperplasias and tumors in mammary gland from MMTV-Cripto-1 transgenic mice.
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  • Insertional-fusion of basic fibroblast growth factor endowed ribonuclease 1 with enhanced cytotoxicity by steric blockade of inhibitor interaction.
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  • Novel tissue and cell type-specific gene/drug delivery system using surface engineered hepatitis B virus nano-particles.
    Yamada T, Ueda M, Seno M, Kondo A, Tanizawa K, Kuroda S.

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  • Activin A and betacellulin: effect on regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells in neonatal streptozotocin-treated rats.
    Li L, Yi Z, Seno M, Kojima I.

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  • 「中空バイオナノ粒子によるピンポイントドラッグデリバリーシステム」

    化学工学  (2003) 67巻12号 649-714頁、化学工学会発行

  • ナノパーティクル・テクノロジー (細川益男監修、野城清編著)
     4.2.6 タンパク質中空ナノ粒子, 123-127頁
     6.3 タンパク質中空ナノ粒子のドラッグデリバリーシステムへの応用, 171-178頁
    妹尾昌治 他多数


  • 「ナノパーティクル・テクノロジー」

    細川益男監修、野城 清編著(4.2.6 タンパク質中空ナノ粒子、6.3タンパク質中空ナノ粒子のドラッグデリバリーシステムへの応用)、2003年11月、日刊工業新聞社(東京)発行 黒田俊一、近藤昭彦、妹尾昌治、谷澤克行、上田政和「中空バイオナノ粒子を用いるピンポイントDDSおよび遺伝子導入法」ナノバイオテクノロジー最前線、 植田充美監修、(第6章2節ナノメディシン)295-304頁、2003年10月、シーエムシー出版(東京)発行

  • Betacellulin improves glucose metabolism by promoting conversion of intraislet precursor cells to beta-cells in streptozotocin-treated mice.
    Li L, Seno M, Yamada H, Kojima I.

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  • Nanoparticles for the delivery of genes and drugs to human hepatocytes.
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  • バイオナノ粒子を用いる遺伝子・薬剤のピン ポイントドラッグデリバリーシステム

    バイオインダストリー4月号 20(4):54-64

  • 先端医療技術とバイオベンチャー

    ハイテクインフォメーション No.144,2月号、 18-31